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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day!

It’s not too late to find the perfect gift to show Mom how much you lover her this Mother’s Day. Norwex has some really great items to do just that!

Top 10 Norwex Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

10. Spa Wrap

This ultra-soft wrap is highly absorbent, fits most sizes and dries quickly. And most importantly it stay’s put so mom can lounge in this all day!


9. Hair Turban

Now this thing is pretty special. It really sucks up the water, which is great for the Mom with lots of hair! The hair turban absorbs 75% of the water from your hair, which means less time blow drying – which means less energy used and healthier hair!


8. Shower Gel

Are you sensing a trend here? Norwex shower gel is natural and free from synthetic products, paraffins and petroleum products. With derivatives from fruit sugar, pineapple, coconut and lemon, the shower gel has a light, citrus scent. This will gently cleanse Mom’s skin. Combine the shower gel with the spa wrap and hair turban for the perfect gift for any mom who deserves to be pampered.


7. Makeup Removal Cloths

These cloths are one of my favorite Norwex products. They clean your face with JUST water and can be used over and over again before needing to be washed. They come in a pack of three and are perfect for those mom’s with sensitive skin (or any skin type for that matter).


6. Mediterranean Meditation Organics Olive Oil Salt Scrub

The olive oil salt scrub gently exfoliates mom’s skin, leaving it velvety smooth and soft. Even better, 100% of the ingredients are from natural origin. That means no preservatives or perfumes. The orange flower and lemon essential oils help mom relax.


5. Optic Scarf

Mom can make a stylish statement with this cute scarf clipped to her purse. She’ll always have it handy for cleaning her phones, tablets, glasses or jewelry. The lint free microfiber is safe for anti-glare surfaces. Three patterns to choose from.


4. Timeless Organics Shea Butter

If mom suffers from extremely skin, Timeless Shea Butter is the answer. Pure shea butter, avocado oil and Vitamin E come together to make the perfect moisturizer for use on dry skin, scalp, soothing irritated skin, on sunburns, and on lips. Once again, the ingredients are 100% from natural origin.


3. Timeless Rescue Gel

Help mom melt away stress and tension anytime, anywhere with the Timeless Rescue Gel. The roller ball applicator applies natural and organic botanicals to the temples, neck and or shoulders.  Mom can carry this with her anywhere.


2. Naturally Timeless Skincare

Norwex has an entire line of eco-friendly natural skincare products that are effective and will give mom a radiant glow. Products available include a Facial Serum, Day Cream, Anti-Gravity Night Cream, and Radiant Eye Cream. All products can be purchased individually, or you can buy the entire set (and save some money). The perfect gift for the mom who wants reduced fine lines, dark circles and under-eye puffiness.


1. Superior Mop Collection

Every mom wants a mop for Mother’s Day. Trust me. As long as it’s this one. The Superior Mop Collection makes mopping quick and easy for mom. Combine it with the Rubber Brush for a quick and easy cleanup of the dry mop pad. Who doesn’t want quick and easy?


Mother’s Day is May 10th so be sure to place your order soon!

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Here We Go!

I’m excited to be starting my Norwex journey. I love that with just water and a Norwex EnviroCloth, I can keep my home clean and healthy. No chemicals needed. As I discover all that is great about Norwex, I hope you come along.

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